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Chapter 1965: I Don’t Want To Be Your Livestock

An Lan held his hand suddenly and said seriously, “Baohan, I realized that I was wrong, this is definitely not some simple meal, this is a delicacy.”

Xu Baohan took a sip of water, cleared his throat, and reminded her, “I’m sorry, Ms An, this is the 50 dollars per kilo ordinary beef that I bought from the supermarket, it’s not the imported beef that you usually eat.”

An Lan was speechless.

“Eat some more, you’ll find that the local beef is sweeter,” Xu Baohan said gently. “Ms An, we need to be patriotic, now that the trade war is so intense, don’t increase the GDP of other countries when it comes to food, our country is so big, we can be self-sufficient in food.”

“… what you said makes sense. I’m deeply ashamed.” An Lan nodded with a serious look, “So it’s our country’s beef, no wonder it smells so good even before I eat it, I think I can take two big bowls of rice with it.”

“It smells good because I’m a good cook,” Xu Bohan reminded her kindly.

An Lan raised her eyebrows and looked at him. not long after, they laughed at the same time, all the unhappiness from before had completely gone with the wind.

After dinner, An Lan went to take a shower, she had been on the road in the afternoon and was worn out, all she wanted to do now was to change into her pajamas and lie down comfortably.

Xu Baohan helped her unpack her luggage, she had bought quite a lot of things in Hong Kong this time. there were a few bags, cosmetics, a few necklaces, a few men’s wallets, neckties, and a pair of Chopard watches for couples.

An Lan came out of the shower, in the bedroom, Xu Baohan had already placed a few things neatly on the bedside table, the two couple watches, a wallet, and three neckties.

“These are all for me, right?” Xu Baohan looked at her with a gaze that said, ‘If they weren’t for me, you’d be finished.’.

An Lan pursed her lips speechlessly, she walked over and said, “These couple watches are for the two of us, this wallet is yours, and the neckties are for my male colleagues in the law firm.”

Xu Baohan frowned in displeasure, “Couldn’t those men’s wallets be given to your colleagues?”

“One of them is for Li Yuchen, and the other one is for Ms Ma’s hubby but I don’t intend to collect money from her, so is a gift,” An Lan explained word by word, “Are you satisfied, Chief Judge Xu?”

“I’m not satisfied,” Xu Baohan shook his head and said directly. “Why did you give your colleagues such personal items like a tie? The tie is tied around the neck, isn’t that means to tie someone else? You should be giving them to me.”

An Lan rolled her eyes silently, she had asked him what he wanted, and he said anything, and now when she was back, he wanted everything, “You’re right, I’m just tying up my colleagues, trapping them like cows, exploiting them, squeeze them dry and they have no complaints until I used up all their rema

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