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sdjuaracilegon > The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise > Chapter 490 - Shocking News: All Bigshots Have Gathered At No.1 High School In Yu City – 2
Chapter 490: Shocking News: All Bigshots Have Gathered At No.1 High School In Yu City – 2

Fu Zhi and Ye Jiu went to the canteen to have their lunch after the school session had ended.

While Song Fang, Wang Yu, and a few students ordered a few cups of milk tea and sat around a table on the second floor.

Other than a few bowls of beef ball noodles, there were a few notebooks on the table filled with all sorts of equations and formulas. While slurping on their noodles, they read the notebooks with great diligence and effort.

Meanwhile, Fu Zhi was sitting at a table not far away from them. She was holding her phone and she was checking her WeChat and QQ messenger. She left the top button on her collar open, and one could see her fair skin underneath her cloth.

Wang Yu really admired Fu Zhi for her calmness. Unlike him, she was still able to keep a level head even though she was facing a great crisis right now. Wang Yu took a glance at Song Fang. He then took a deep breath to calm himself down and make himself look less smug about himself before saying, “I’ve been memorizing these 3 chapters of Physics formulas the entire morning and they have been ingrained deeply in my brain, so do you want to go through them again, Brother Fang? It can also help to familiarize ourselves with the formulas better.”

Song Fang nearly fainted when he heard what Wang Yu had said. Even though he had been a student for 9 years, memorizing the first two verses of Song for the Goose, the famous Tang poem was his maximum. These Physics formulas were like alien language to him, and there was no way he could memorize them.

Just when he was about to run away with his milk tea, Fu Zhi, who seemed to be able to read his mind, turned him around and forced him to sit beside her. Then, she said in a flat voice, “Try and recite some of the formulas to me. I want to see how terrible you are so that I can create a study plan for you today.”

Song Fang became speechless.

At the same time, Wang Yu opened his mouth and chimed in, “The formula I memorized is pretty simple. It only took me 10 or so minutes to get it into my head. Anyway, I will recite the first half of the sentence, and you’ll finish the second half.”

Song Fang swallowed a big gulp of saliva, and before he nodded, Wang Yu shouted, “The odd changes while the even remains constant!”

Fu Zhi’s hand came to a sudden stop.

‘The odd changes while the even remains constant?!’

Facing the question that troubled mankind for the longest time, Song Fang was stunned for a moment. After a short moment of confusion, he looked at Fu Zhi with teary eyes, his body began to shake, and he said proudly, “Daddy! I know how to answer this!”

He grabbed Wang Yu’s hand and shouted at the top of his lungs, “The odd changes while the even remains constant, the sign depends on the quadrant!”

Wang Yu did not expect Song Fang to know the answer at all. He froze for a short moment, and then his ey

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