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The map covered the routes from the naga’s labyrinth to the site of the former labyrinth of Anaxtus, the labyrinth of greed, and the passage leading to the eighth floor. Kim Jin-Woo concluded after reading the map that the naga’s labyrinth was located on the outskirts of the ninth floor.

Under normal circumstances, the closer a creature or labyrinth was to the passage leading to the deeper floors, the more powerful they were. In other words, the labyrinths that he had encountered so far didn’t belong to the key players of the ninth floor.


Kim Jin-Woo’s frown faded upon hearing Rikshasha’s voice. He snapped out of his deep thought and turned around to face the naga horsemen, commanding, “Good job. You may return now.”

“Yes, my king.”

Since Kim Jin-Woo had ordered Rikshasha and the naga horsemen to accompany him only until the ninth floor, they turned back without any objection.

It was a pity to send Rikshasha back, as she was stealthy and proficient in investigation. However, Kim Jin-Woo knew how difficult it would be to bring a non-human being like her to the crowd of explorers in the underground world.

“Be careful not to get lost.”

“This humble servant will safely guide your soldiers back to the labyrinth.”

Kim Jin-Woo wasn’t too worried, since Rikshasha was a former nomad who had wandered around the underground world. He watched the under-elf and the naga horsemen disappear over the horizon then turned around.

“We’re in luck. It’s clear around the passage,” Uther reported, collecting the lumps of slime that wriggled back after scouting the other end of the passage. He attached them back onto his sides and explained the situation on the eighth floor to his master. “The eighth floor is uncharted territory that even I’ve never been to. We should keep our guard up at all times. Your honorable title may not affect some of the creatures there.”

Having heard Uther’s advice, Kim Jin-Woo gathered his crew members and entered the passage to the eighth floor. “Angela?” he asked as they emerged.

“There are no living things around here. Even if something did emerge from the dark, it would be neither dead nor alive,” Angela reported.

Uther was visibly reassured by Angela’s words. Kim Jin-Woo asked the slime king why he was cowering so much despite being a labyrinth master on the ninth floor. Uther, his shoulders drooping, replied that this was his first time traveling to another floor.

“That’s not uncommon. Not many creatures in the underground world leave the floor they were born on. The further they stray from their birthplace, the weaker they become,” Angela remarked.

This was Kim Jin-Woo’s first time hearing that. Now that he thought about it, Uther’s body was visibly smaller than before after barely crossing the passage.

“No wonder the humans were able to emerge victorious in the under-war.” Kim Jin-Woo tutted. If Uther, a labyrinth master from the ninth floor, was in this state

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