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Chapter 539: Chapter 539: The Ning Clan of Hai Ning

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Chapter 539: The Ning Clan of Hai Ning

Qiuhan DaoLü left with a group of rogue cultivators.

After Ning Fan had told the women the details about his breakthrough of the Void Inquiry Stage and sent out a message-transmitting flying sword toward the Dong Xu Island of the Endless Sea, he turned around and left Seven Apricot City.

He needed to head to the Ning Clan of Hai Ning at once to avoid missing a meeting with Yun Ruowei. Before heading to the Middle State, there were some questions that Ning Fan hoped to find an answer.

His travelling speed was extremely fast. With just a few skips, he had traversed one million li* (500m per li), crossing the country-locking grand formation and appeared on the land of Wu Country.

Beside the Cui Tang River that was green like emerald in Hai Ning City of Wu Country, Ning Fan descended by the reeds.

There were a few fishing boats on the river. In the distance, some woodcutters walked down from the Ning Bi Hill. All of them were mortals and they were humming and singing the folk songs of Wu Country.

Ning Fan’s eyes filled with nostalgia. It had already been fifty plus years since he left Wu Country. When he heard the songs of his native place, he felt slightly sentimental.

There was once a mortal young man who walked past the bank of the Cui Tang River while carrying a bamboo basket and climbed the Ning Bi Hill to harvest medicine plants times after times.

In Ning Bi Hill, that young man saved Mistress Qing of the Ning Family and offended Young Master Tian from that same family…

In Hai Ning City, that young man was once adopted by Ning Daniu and spent thirteen years of peaceful life with Ning Gu…

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Ning Fan stepped on the ancient golden sword with a cold glint in his eyes as he went straight after the three demoness.

The three of them had been spying on him. Besides, they did not conceal their killing intent against Ning Fan at all. Since they harbored ill intentions against him, it was impossible for Ning Fan to let them go.

The speed of his ancient sword was close to the Void Fragmentation Realm. The three demoness could not outrun him at all. Within just a few breaths, Ning Fan had already caught up with them.

Ning Fan kept his ancient sword and stood coldly in front of them, blocking their escape route.

“This is bad! We’ve been caught up by this malevolent being!”

“We can’t run away from him. The speed of the golden ancient sword that he rode is too terrifying. There is literally no way we can escape from him!”

“He doesn’t summon his Void Fragmentation Realm spiritual puppet. Let’s fight him with all we have!”

The three demoness were already aware that there was no hope in escaping and the only choice they had was to fight a desperate battle against Ning Fan.

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